Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cutest Baby....

So comel rite?jom layan piccas.....

comel la hisap jari..... 

so tembam.....geramkan?rs nak!...cubit2.... 

 my cute niece...Dyan Zara Emelynn...

My papa@Barney.... hahahaha....gelak dalam ati...:-p.....raya haji nanti br mintak ampun....kejam okeh! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby scan at 12th week

Date: 28th Sept 2010
Time : 11.30pm
Mama at 12th week having you in my belly!lompat sikit!...takper...orang lain tak nampak...:-)

Dearest precious baby,

These are the photos taken when you are 12th week in my womb.(update :film dah xdapatlah i nak show2 kat cni.)..
Mama n Papa hope for nothing else, only for you to grow healthily and beautifully.. be safe always baby..

Baby, this is one of our miracle moments..we felt all loved up!!

We can't stop smiling for the rest of the day.. thank you for making us feeling very lucky.. to have you in Mama's tummy and to know that you are fine.. we cant wait to see you in 6 months time..

love you baby...also ur daddy! :-)

One trimesters to go....

we found out that 'we' are pregnant on my week 5. I was confused with my body changes. I thought due to my back pain -
Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik dan Maha Kaya, rezeki to us, I'm pregnant soon after the wedding, or we called it Bunting Pelamin. =) The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and the expected due date 09.04.2011

Of course we are delighted! During my first trimester, I have severe morning sickness,  I am extremely tired. makan n muntah..i skip any meals. Pening only come and go and that was it. Sometimes I felt like nak berhenti kerja...every weeks i take 3-4 day MC... so bad performance...erm....what to do....(bestnya dapat mc...hihi) My hormones tak suka masak - tapi kalo orang yang masak...akulah orang pertama yang melantak....hahahaha...tipu je....., makan - mmg tak suka aku gantikan makan dengan tido....hehe..., n tak suke dh sukala...hihi...Also, I can't have fish, which before pregnant, fish are my favs! tak tahan bau. other than that, aku tak alergic apa apa.. maybe weakness part laundry. Hubby settled that part, but I still have my baju boxes not terlipat! adoi...indon mana lah nak tolong aku lipat kain nie....

Oh, but i always tido when I get the chance to, balik office, washup n dinner, I went to bed so early like before 9pm.(klu boleh balik jer keje kol 6pm...terus nak tido....xpayah mandi ape bagai...tapi melampaulah plak kan....kang terus tido dalam iman...huhu... Edy called me 'Princess Sleep' sbb tido all the time..(ney kes jeles...sebab diri tak leh tido awal....huhu)

We had our first scan on week 12th, that was privately done sbb we were informed the hospital only carry out the scan on week 20th. Lambat sgt. We just want to know if baby is OK, that there is heartbeat, it was a beautiful experience, to see your lil baby of yours. I can described it as my miracle moment =)
1st checkup week 12th - 52 Kgs. normal weight i pernah paling berat 48kgs. + 4 kgs..hmm acceptable....

I think I had eaten so bit that my bump is not showing....nti i nak cite my experience mase 1st time really funny...edy gelak kan i....

I also want to say my gratitude to my husband who has helped me during these times, all the chores you did, looking after me, back rub massages when I really need it...thanks dear!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Precious Moments - 1st time blogging!


Today is my 1st day blogging...xtau nak tulis ape...juz nak buat ucapan "SELAMAT HARI RAYA"...semua masih dalam mood raya lagi ok ape?hihi...