Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby scan at 12th week

Date: 28th Sept 2010
Time : 11.30pm
Mama at 12th week having you in my belly!lompat sikit!...takper...orang lain tak nampak...:-)

Dearest precious baby,

These are the photos taken when you are 12th week in my womb.(update :film dah xdapatlah i nak show2 kat cni.)..
Mama n Papa hope for nothing else, only for you to grow healthily and beautifully.. be safe always baby..

Baby, this is one of our miracle moments..we felt all loved up!!

We can't stop smiling for the rest of the day.. thank you for making us feeling very lucky.. to have you in Mama's tummy and to know that you are fine.. we cant wait to see you in 6 months time..

love you baby...also ur daddy! :-)

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